Speed Silks

Speed Silks are made entirely from Aero Dimplex, an aerodynamically-engineered fabric that’s uniquely textured to actively reduce drag.
Speed Silks products are completely customizable, and Darby Racing Technology, LLC has four form-fitting products in its Speed Silks line up: silks, helmet covers, jockey pants and boot sleeves.
DRT already provide silks for some of the biggest names in horse racing, so click away to learn more and how to order.

Exclusive Marketing Representation

Welcome to horsefabulous the Exclusive Marketing Representative of Speed Silks® in the Asia/Pacific region. Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service with an intuitive understanding of each customers individual requirements.

Tailored to your brand

We can design or replicate the tailored brand identity of your colours. Speed Silks® are idiosyncratic for each customer.

A Speed Silks jacket is US$259; helmet cover US$40. The set; jacket and helmet cover US$299. Jockey pants US$115, US$136 or US$158 subject to style and customization. Boot sleeves US$19/pair.
Darby Racing Technology do not charge any design or setup fees; there is no tax outside the USA. You only pay for the silks.

Wind Resistance

Speed Silks® are made entirely from Aero Dimplex®, the only sporting competition textile used in the manufacture of Race Silks. Speed Silks® are aerodynamically efficient, fully hydrophobic with coldblack® Sun reflector-UV protector technology built right into the fabric.

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Speed Silks® are a product of Darby Racing Technology, LLC.