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Comparative Analysis between Speed Silks and Traditional Silks

Speed Silks

  • Aero Dimplex fabric is highly bi-elastic and lightweight and the only textile used in horse racing colours manufacture with SPF (to a factor of 40 UV) built right into the fabric.
  • Aero Dimplex fabric is fully hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t absorb water.
  • Speed Silks are made entirely from Aero Dimplex, the only purpose-made sporting competition textile used in the manufacture of horse racing colours.
  • Speed Silks® colours and helmet covers, with the open knit multi-layer structure of Aero Dimplex®, are the only purpose-made horse racing colours specifically designed to breathe and wick (transfer) moisture (sweat) from the inside to the outside of the garment where it can then dissipate through evaporation.
  • Speed Silks stay consistent and stable when worn and are therefore unequalled where minimal distortion to the dynamics of colours, patterns, logos and symbols is desired.
  • Speed Silks helmet covers are the only helmet covers made of an ultra-lightweight single layer construction to promote maximum air movement over and through the air vents in the helmet.

SPF 40 UV – Breathability – Wicking – Moisture Management (Fully Hydrophobic)

Traditional (Regular) Silks

  • Traditional silks have been historically tailored from various fabrics that we can associate with any number of usages other than horse racing colours; i.e. fashion, fancy dress, dance, circus and carnival costumes to name but a few.
  • These multipurpose fabrics primarily appealed to conventional horse racing colors manufacturers because they were generally light of weight and bright of colour.
  • More recently similar fabrics were found to be suitable, although not exclusively, for dye sublimation by way of digital textile printing.
  • Traditional silks are mostly made from non-stretch taut weave fabrics that prevent sufficient breathability and are deficient of any meaningful wicking capabilities.
  • These same fabrics possess hydrophilic properties, that is, they absorb water, feel cold when wet, stay wet for a long time, and when saturated will totally obstruct breathability and encourage odour retention.
  • Traditional helmet covers are made from the very same materials with the same inadequate breathing and wicking abilities as well as a significantly heavier two-layer construction, made up of the coloured outer and an inner liner.
  • Traditional silks and helmet covers cannot assist to regulate the core body temperature of the rider.
  • Traditional silks and helmet covers cannot refract harmful solar ultraviolet rays away from the rider.

Limited Breathability – Inadequate Wicking – Poor Moisture Management (Hydrophilic)

We’ll see you in the winner’s circle!

Speed Silks® are a product of Darby Racing Technology, LLC.