The Amortization of Speed Silks®

Amortize: To gradually write off the initial cost of an asset (Speed Silks) over a period of time when the asset is used over its expected time of effectiveness.

Amortized: An asset (Speed Silks), gradually written off as expenses over the time of their useful life.

Amortization: The write-off of an asset (Speed Silks), over its expected period of use, which reflects the consumption of the asset. This write-off results in the residual asset balance declining over time.

Let’s say a set of Speed Silks (jersey and helmet cover) has an expected lifetime of useful worth equivalent to a hyper-unexaggerated estimate of 250 rides.

Let’s say the value of hiring, not buying, a set of Speed Silks AND gain the advantage of the many certain benefits of the associated technology, is valued at US$5 per ride.

The amortization expense equals US$1250 per set of Speed Silks.

Conversely, should you choose to purchase a set of Speed Silks for US$299, the gradual write-off equals US$1.20 per ride.

As you can see, Speed Silks, made entirely of Aero Dimplex®, are a premium product without the premium pricing.

We’ll see you in the winner’s circle!

Speed Silks® are a product of Darby Racing Technology, LLC.