Snappy silks or flappy silks? Your choice.


When it comes down to comparing elite athletes, professional jockeys rank right up there with the fittest of both mind and body.

Yet owners and trainers still insist on their contracted race riders wearing oversized, ill-fitting, outmoded colours with nil discernible gains or benefits in speed, comfort or hygiene. Sadly, horse racing has become the very last defiant bastion holding out on technology in professional sport. It’s a passive indifference, an apathetic attitude by a notoriously reactionary industry/sport stuck way back in the past. (Read my previous News story; Tiny Improvements, Big Wins.)

Historically, regular silks have been made from low-cost fabrics readily tailored for any purpose other than sport – an almost comical, crass fashion for clown, circus, carnival, dance, party, fancy dress, faux superhero and, lest we forget, jockey costumes. These materials have always appealed to colours makers because they are cheap, light, shiny and bright.

Now you can choose Speed Silks®, made entirely from Aero Dimplex®, a patented purpose-built competition sport textile, and therefore Speed Silks are the only purpose-built competition sport attire exclusive to Thoroughbred Horse Racing worldwide.

Snappy silks or flappy silks?  Your choice.

We’ll see you in the winner’s circle!

Speed Silks® are a product of Darby Racing Technology, LLC.