Don’t Get Left Behind!

You may not be in the market for new racing colours right now, and you may, or may not be aware of Speed Silks the revolutionary new equine jockey colours made entirely from Aero Dimplex, an ultra-lightweight, aerodynamically-engineered fabric that is textured to reduce drag.
The use of Aero Dimplex is key to the design of Speed Silks; it is the industry standard in the world of track and road cycling.

Commercial sporting teams, professional runners, speed skaters, downhill and aerial skiers have also espoused the many benefits of the textile, but the technology has never gained attention in, or been available to Thoroughbred horse racing until August, 2013 in the USA and since April, 2015 in the Asia/Pacific region.

Aero Dimplex is rated the world’s fastest fabric between 14 and 47 miles per hour (22 kph and 75 kph).

Form-fitting jockey colours have been used almost exclusively in Japan and expansively in both North and South America for decades now even though they are made from all sorted fabrics inferior to Aero Dimplex. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out that jockeys silks have changed or improved very little in Europe and Asia (excluding racing giants Japan!) for well over 200 years!

Parachute on!

Parachute on!

Parachute off.

Parachute off!

A jockey’s silks (colours) make a lot of noise during a race. That noise is this clothing flapping in the wind. Every single flap pulls backwards on the jockey and therefore, the horse. It is called the “kite tail effect.” Speed Silks colours are form-fitting and almost seamless, so they don’t flap in the wind as the horse and jockey move through the air.

Aerodynamic drag has a much, much greater effect on the speed of the horse than a lot of people realize. The horse has to work much, much harder to overcome wind resistance than it does to overcome the inertia of its own mass.

Speed Silks are fully customizable, extremely lightweight, are breathable and moisture wicking with SPF 40 UV protection built right into the fabric to keep competitors cool and comfortable.

Don’t get left behind!

Next time you are ordering colours think Speed Silks, and if you would like to get the technological edge on the rest of the field sooner – order your Speed Silks NOW!

We’ll see you in the winner’s circle.

Speed Silks® are a product of Darby Racing Technology, LLC.